MM Opelparts sells to Opel dealers (mainly in Germany) via an Internet platform. For garages, car body specialists and private individuals, we use eBay and our own webshop.
MM Opelparts works mainly be identifying the OEM Opel number or the chassis number.

MM Opelparts strives for direct, optimum delivery. For this reason, communication where necessary is almost exclusively via e-mail -  in order to avoid mistakes and save time.
MM Opelparts believes that this method of working is the most accurate. The employees always check the correctness of the order. After all, complete and correct information is very important when placing an order.
And a mistake, for example in an order number, is easily made. In case of doubt, the customer is always contacted and if necessary, the information is made as complete as possible by means of photos.

 We’d rather not deliver if we're not sure we're doing it right.